Big Horn Ranch

With every purchase from Big Horn Ranch you are voting with your dollar!  You are voting to grow animals on the green grass in fresh air and sunshine. You are voting for happy animals, happy farm families, healthy meals and a healthy Earth.


The Gift of Grass

Food Puritanism...The Point of Diminishing Returns

 In our quest for clean, wholesome foods how far is "just right".  That's a question we can only answer individually.  Is Organic enough?  Because a pack of burger bears the...

A Complete Cycle for Complete Food.

ITS HARD TO THINK ABOUT SPRING when I can still drive a tractor on the ice of the pond...but its a great time to dream about the permaculture systems at...

Pigs in a Blanket

Ecosystems. Communities of living things functioning as a whole within their environment. We are bust without them. The concrete monoculture model of factory farms destroy ecosystems by default, they do...

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