Big Horn Ranch

Michael Wright, owner 1670 Page Hollow Road,  Pittsfield, PA 16340

Meats that you can feel good about.


Grass. Its what I do! More specifically, I create, grow, and manage healthy grass land ecosystems where each specie of livestock fills it niche as nature intended. The result is a high quality meat which is good for the Earth, good for the animal, and good for you Sunshine, fresh air, pure mountain spring water filtered by our glaciated soils, and animals doing what they were designed by nature to do.

The cattle and sheep graze, the chickens and turkeys gobble clover and choke down meaty grasshoppers. In the Fall the pigs root for acorns in the woodlot and through the compost building in the winter.  The goats browse the nutritious weeds that nobody else has a taste for.

 About the owner: Michael Wright is a professional grass farmer as well as a State and Federally licensed Nutrient Management consultant. A US Army veteran with a BS from Kansas State University,  Mike has worked as an agricultural grant writer, inspector, educator, and Farmland Preservation administrator. As owner/operator of Big Horn Ranch, he grows, markets and distributes pasture grown meats to customers in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.


The Gift of Grass


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