Big Horn Ranch

With every purchase from Big Horn Ranch you are voting with your dollar!  You are voting to grow animals on the green grass in fresh air and sunshine. You are voting for happy animals, happy farm families, healthy meals and a healthy Earth.


The Gift of Grass

You ARE What you EAT

   I answer a lot of questions directed towards "What do you feed your meat animals?".... Which is a VERY logical question when you are shopping for your family's meat...

Grass Fed Elephants

   There is an elephant in the room... a late 1800's philosophical idiom which refers to an issue so large that we can no longer avoid its conversation. And there...

Food Puritanism...The Point of Diminishing Returns

 In our quest for clean, wholesome foods how far is "just right".  That's a question we can only answer individually.  Is Organic enough?  Because a pack of burger bears the...

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