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New for 2017!

The Chefs have spoken (day after day, year after year) and I have heard you….

Treat your clients to the taste of AUTHENTIC Big Horn Ranch grass grown meats! Don’t take a salesman’s word for it…let me personally show you!   I am a farmer and shepherd, not a traditional restaurant supplier so I am honored to have you come to my farm and walk amongst the beasts! After the walk we will wash our hands and hop aboard my on site food truck throw some cuts on the grill,  and chat about how our businesses can help each other!  This is an opportunity over 12 years in the making and I am so honored to help you put local grass fed on your menu.

There will be two lines of product for 2017 designed to fit two distinct markets and budget…our Heritage Breeds grown on meadow and woodlot, and also traditional modern breeds also grown outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. The heritage breeds are more expensive all around to produce from the rare breeding stock to slower maturity time… similar to the wines you serve with them.  The Modern Breed line of products is a bit quicker to grow and supply and a bit more budget friendly to help you keep your plate costs down.

Please contact me directly and I would be thrilled to come talk to you and help customize products and packages to suit your culinary style and marketing plan!

Michael Wright, owner

Big Horn Ranchmikeeatsgrass

cell (814) 230-4993