FALL 2016 Livestock Production Sale at Big Horn Ranch

Welcome to the Big Horn Ranch FALL 2016 production sale.  This type of livestock sale is common on several of the ranches that I have visited and worked on out West.  Livestock for sale are basically those that do not fit the needs of my breeding program or not needed to fill orders for my meat business.  Listed below are the type, ages, breed and price of each type of stock that I am offering for sale.  This is not a situation where I am “dumping” stock at auction prices but rather an opportunity for my farming and ranching colleagues to add some of our hard working grazing and foraging genetics from Heritage breeds of livestock to your operations.

Individual prices are firm. Discounts possible for multiple purchases. Delivery available for a fee. Thank you for looking!

Call, text, or email for serious inquiries. MichaelWright@BigHornMeats.net , or 814 230-4993

Highland Cattle (pure bred, not registered)

Heifers(white, blonde, and reds)

1 yr old- $ 725

2 yr old-$ 850

Bulls (white,blonde,black,red)

1 yr old-$800

2yr old-$1100

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep (pure bred, not registered)

Ram Lambs 9 months old- $300

Ewe Lambs 9 months old-$150

Ewe 2 year olds                -$ 200

Spanish Goats (trained to electro net for brush removal) Smoke Ridge Montana genetics bred by Dancing Heart

Wethers 2 yr old- $170

Wethers 1 yr old- $140

Heritage Hogs

Breeder Boar HEREFORD $300 (gentle giant..good on larger sows. He is too large for my girls)

Breeder Boar BERKSHIRE $150 ( 6 months old – 200lbs )

Hereford/Duroc piglets       $70 (will wean 10/25)


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