Farmer Mike’s Guilt Free Dinners


After a long day in the fields, there’s nothing quite like a hot plate of home cooked chow. The problem is, if you are in fact out in the fields, there ain’t nobody to cook said chow. Sad refrigerator. Sad farmer.

Having faced the hanger far too many times, I decided to start cooking ahead, preparing meals a couple days at a time so I always had something to pop in the oven.   I could spend the evening with the beasts, and still eat delicious beast (the beasts of course were not informed of this carnivorous ‘have your cake and eat it too’ scenario).

Guilt Free Dinner Preparation

The Battle Grounds.

After a particularly satisfying pork barbecue, it occurred to me that I couldn’t be the only one facing an uninviting kitchen. After all, my food grows 10 feet from my house and I still can’t manage my pantry. And so I headed to the kitchen. A food-safe state of the art commercial kitchen to be exact.

IMG_20160609_152851 (1)

Precooked portions.

balsamic pork meal

Balsamic Braised Pork with Roasted Potatoes and Beans

Recipes were tested. Family and friends were over fed. And out of the fire came Farmer Mike’s Fresh Eatin’ Dinners, a pasture-raised no guilt meal ready to eat in 15 minutes tops. Each plate is prepared according to the highest Safe Food Handling guidelines, featuring Big Horn’s USDA inspected grass grown meats.  I source my vegetables and grains as locally as possible, and concoct each sauce and seasoning from only raw ingredients.  So it’s the best of both worlds; you can eat delicious clean food, food that you know is grown with care and integrity, but still have enough time to relax at the end of the day. I have labored away for 12 hours at a time to get our first batch out, so head over the Our Market page and order one for Local Pick Up.


USDA certified

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