The Sustainable Wallet CSA


If you’re looking to sustain both the environment and your budget, try Big Horn’s wallet friendly CSA.  Delivering modern breeds allows us to give you a financial break, but rest assured that we still put the same care and attention into our flock’s health. Each basket features a different array of cuts, from steaks and sausages to roasts and hams.  Order now to sign up for our spring term!

warm piggies-03

Above: A modern commercial breed of hog basks in sunshine soaked compost!



List prices reflect the cost of one month of the CSA. Our CSA lasts 6 months, and you will be invoiced thereafter every month. That means no one lump sum payment.  Terms run year round in six month obligations (March-August and September-February).

Why no contract? Because I am a FARMER and there is nothing more binding than a person’s word.  Please stick to yours and I will exceed your expectations.

If you pick up your basket from the farm or local drop points, that’s the only price you pay. If your purchase requires mail delivery, shipping or delivery fees will be added when you check out. For LOCAL DROP POINTS…ERIE, SW NEW YORK and NW PA ONLY…PLEASE check “Local pick up” on shipping option so you do not get charged shipping. 

Pittsburgh buying club members contact Farmer Michael Wright for your shipping/drop point options.

Want to host a drop point? Email Farmer Michael Wright



Meat Type

Beef, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Pork, Beef, Pork & Chicken, Ground Beef, Pork


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