Spring CSA Money Saving Options

  1.     Year number 8 of the Big Horn Ranch grass fed meats CSA begins now! Despite the blowing snow and shivering bluebirds, the Spring CSA enrollment officially opens today with new money saving options. 2018 Spring term runs April through September.

As in all the previous years, monthly payments are still welcome but I have found many who would rather save money and forget about the monthly payment due date. With this in mind I have created two options in addition to the monthly payments….
1. Pay the entire term now.(like 99% of CSAs nationwide actually require.) Saving you almost fifty bucks for the term.
2. Pay half now, half later… almost a $30 savings.

The CSA packages and monthly delivery options are still the same as in the past but prepays have the options of doubling up every other month so that cuts your trips to the drop point, remembering to leave coolers out, and mail order shipping fees in half. (You and I work out your delivery preferences.)

Simply visit the “Market place” on my website and choose the program which best suits you. In the comment section of your order please choose the meat type(s) you prefer. More details of the CSA program are spelled out in the FAQ section.

CSA Share avaiability will be limited this term due to my food truck’s meat needs. Shares will be sold first come first served. Your website order number and date/time stamp will hold your share and enroll you in this term.

With the shares in such high demand and the marketing plan of my farm depending on the food truck profits as well, I simply am unable to exceed my reserved share number. I am unwilling to compromise animal and environmental health in order to scale production beyond the land’s carrying capacity. Afterall what is the point of Big Horn Ranch were it not for wild flora and fauna sustainability?

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