The Art of Soil

The most humble of substances

Life Cycles

Here at Big Horn Meats, we spend a lot of time thinking about manure. Yes, we are generally covered in it, and yes, we sometimes spend half the day spreading it. But our dedication to dung, as narrow minded as it may seem, is born of a broader concern for the health of our soil, and the people that we feed. The cycle goes as such; healthy soil grows healthy grass. Healthy grass feeds healthy animals. And healthy animals nourish healthy humans. So you the end user have a great stake in the ground beneath our hooves, and we the farmer have the responsibility to maintain balanced, nutrient rich dirt. Which brings us back to our friend manure.

A B.A. in B.S.

Each of our animals has a role to play, and our composting system is as finely tuned as a bed of slop. Every day we use battered mattress springs to spread the day’s offerings throughout the field, rotating the animals to ensure no area is over grazed. Forest, marsh and grassland species remain protected in our balanced ecosystem, while our fields filter rain water, keeping surrounding streams clean.

Meanwhile, all our excess waste, from soiled bedding to dead leaves and apple cores, gets loaded into the compost building, which happens to be the part time residence of several eager hogs. Our ravenous rototillers root for sprouted grains and scraps, while a band of bacteria and bugs help mix carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. The result is a warm, nutrient dense cocktail which balances moisture and biodiversity for healthy plant life. And the piggies love their heated beds.